Air Cushion Finish are Berliners jayrope & Lippstueck...

…often with Gatis Silde on drums and/or Olaf Hilgenfeld on Moog synthesizer, drowning in a kind of homeopathic punk setting. With similar urgency ACF make up constantly mutating tracks of electro-acoustic ambient, postfolk, postrock, krautrock, a capella singing, noise. Music for films that never got filmed. Eventually absurd, sometimes soothing.

ACF go to Montreal in June 2014 upon a very nice invitation. You might guess, who that was. We hope to meet a lot of long-time friends at last. And we’ll get to play and eventually record as well at a phantastic location.
Financing this, though, went unexpectedly wrong way somehow.
We need you to read on and consider your support.

Our first vinyl 12” will be released on “Hafenschlamm Rekords” on May 16. Please consider buying real media, this would help our Canada travel, too! Thank you.



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