A tape-looped experience on a permaculture farm.

Permanent culture there.

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1. Cabin rain (preface) 00:26
2. Orach I 04:46
3. Orach II 17:20
4. Interboom 01:10
5. Fireflies 06:02
6. Push me in 03:39
7. Agua te quiero 13:46 (bonus track)
8. Whistle your way out 05:52
9. Cabin rain II 00:17

“Lamb’s Quarters” by Air Cushion Finish & Nick Kuepfer, recorded June 25th, 2014 at Nick Kuepfer’s cabin, roughly ninety minutes outside of Montreal.

Early summer at Farm Orach, a permaculture farm at the time in Canada. At the end of a touring week, we had returned to check the unattended beds. There was a lot of work waiting already. Plants had grewn much bigger, and the harvest also put Lamb’s Quarters into the delivery baskets. Common edible wild food, not needing mass production. We got familiar with a “weed eater” and learned, what we don’t need it for, and to eat instead.
When it started raining one late afternoon we found ourselves playing in the cabin. The transformer from an Armenian Electronics Sales in Quebec wasn’t quite getting it right. 60 Hz clashed with 50Hz, 120 versus 240 volts. Excited, like fireflies.

Nick Kuepfer – tape machines, drums/percussion
Lippstueck – vocals, electronics
jayrope – vocals, guitar, electronics, percussion, harmonium

Recorded by Nick Kuepfer at Nick Kuepfer’s cabin, Ontario, CA, June 25th, 2014
Mixed & mastered by jayrope at Echo Coordinate, Berlin, GER, Nov. 2021
Cover collage by Bob Drop, Biesenthal, GER

Thank you
Family Pezzente, Bob Drop


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