A cosmic experience, slamming crystals with electricty.

Crystals love that.

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1. Weg, verlegen 25:23
2. Futternight 24:00
3. Flügge 12:32

This album is a partial consequence of a grant by Musikfonds e.V., Berlin, which supports “experimental” music of all kinds in Germany. The grant allowed us to research & reset our current instrumentation with time & focus during February to April 2022.

This was luxurious. It rarely gets to be so, and it is much appreciated.

Played by jayrope & Lippstueck.
Recorded live to two track on July 17th, 2022 at Camp Cosmic Festival, Chemnitz.
Mastered by jrp at Exiled Echo Coordinate.
Cover by Ropinsky, photo by HL at Runde Ecke, Witzenhausen.

Thank you for making this possible
Christian Freytag, Doro/Tom/Robin, Frank Schönfeld, Musikfonds e.V., Runde Ecke, Wokule e.V., Wolkenkuckucksheim – plus a shoutout to Etkin, Ella & Bodo Hansen.