I'm Lilli.
Album, April 2012

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Was available on handmade double CDr before, sold out.

18 tracks / 93:36 mins

teil 1

1 letters
2 cold hands
3 i’m going home *1
4 neither nor
5 (count to 11) hearts are stopping *2
6 drahtstapelnder lotse am funkturm

teil 2

1 first time *3
2 sisters and the six o clock trouble with the churches
3 seidenfaltenschlichter
4 gently johnny *4
5 chjotnej no heijech
6 überfallkater, pfote hohl
7 zwischen den säulen
8 not prose *5
9 oh lichterloh lass (kampfhunde ziehn)
10 lilli
11 und brüllend steif die aussicht steht dir buckelnd frei wie arbeitslohn
12 papa

Played by Lippstueck, jayrope & Gatis Silde.
Contains lyrics also of Arlo Guthrie, Leonard Lorek, Daniel Lanois, Paul Giovanni, Hakim Bey & Uwe Effertz.
Lukas Lonski is our guest in the second part of the second part.
Recorded February 2nd 2011 @ Salon Remise, Berlin.
Mixed by Mark Bihler & jayrope at Bridge and Tunnel Mobile, Berlin.
Mastered by jayrope at P17, Berlin
Illustrations / album artwork by Maia Beyrouti, Berlin