Air Cushion Finish make multi-style music in real-time, defying style definitions to a greater extent. It's created from anything the players come up with at a particular moment.

There is a prominent slow motion part of the music, that ACF used to refer to as homeopathic punk before, simply to illustrate relative proximity to uncertainty at any time. ACF love to potentially clash harsh & soft play styles, dry vs. spacey, fast vs. very slow, dense vs. sparse, near vs. remote. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen for sure. Their constantly transforming music often wavers right around the edge to feedback, rarely going there, though. As a result you might find yourself listening to it at very low volume one day and at almost explosive levels on another.
If you need style terms, then describe it for yourself – because ambient, texture, electro-acoustic, electronica, dada, collage, spoken word, impromptu (sometimes preconceived), postjazz, postrock, academic, undergound, concrete or “freie Musik” would all fit to only some extent.
It depends on when and how.

Air Cushion Finish was started in Berlin in 2007 by composer/player jayrope, to be joined 6 months after by natural vocal synthesizer Lippstueck. The two had enjoyed playing Berlin’s underground together since the 1990s. Lippstueck prominently sings, wordless & backwards in time, while his partner jayrope also appreciates playing any DIY, found object, electronic, string or percussion instrument, small enough to fit into a single suitcase altogether.
Changing setup and subsequently the music is programmatic to them, often with guests.

By Dec. 22 13 albums were released, three of which are available on vinyl, some others on cassette. But only the double 12” album “Flink” (no. 8) was recorded in a studio, produced by Thierry Amar (GY!BE) at Hotel2Tango, Montreal 2014/2017. ACF work only with friends and evade trnds and the music industry, like the light gets out of the way of the shadow.
A transparent tattoo on your forehead.

Who thought this was so deliciously possible? Read reviews…

acf by ropinsky 2016
jayrope + Lippstueck in 2016, image by Ropinsky

In the late 90s jayrope released his first albums on Alec Empire’s Geist Records under the name Rope, while Lippstueck ran a spectacular location called ‘Goldmund’ in 2000. Then Goldmund turned into a festival and so gave birth to a new tradition of side-tracked & wonderful alternative music in Berlin.
Parallel universal music is 
where they met.

alt.vinyl, Biesentales Records, Hafenschlamm Rekords, Kinship Records, Lullabies for Insomniacs, Moloko+

jayrope (English)
Lippstueck (Deutsch)