Served with ancient tea leaves.

A Western gathering for an Eastern ritual took place. People were compelled to get gentle, maybe an attempt to recover a forgotten focus ritual. But as well it’s been another reason to open the bar. Some weren’t so overly caring and got fueled from there. Wine poured into an instrument, collateral damage to a rising urge of intensity, helping the cause with an unforeseen twist. Purity versus dirt.

Digital download

A version on C40 cassette tape can be obtained at our concerts or via Kinship Records

Music/Recording: Lippstueck & jayrope in Berlin-Wedding @ Atelier DB for Chinese New Year 2017
Master: jayrope, Echo Coordinate, Berlin
Drawing: Samuel Chauvaux (TBC!)
Grafik: Etkin Cekin, jayrope
Thank you: World Peace (Boryana & Sabine), Dirk Bell, Etkin Cekin.


Side A
1. Rabenmutter
2. Am Lungern vor dem Tore
3. Tabernakehlkopf
Side B
1. Anrufunken
2. All der Lakenbeine Last
3. Restlingering